Sunday, 29 March 2009

Laura 2

Just a few more shots of Miss Trinder.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


The Gerald series is what is says on the tin. A group of photographs of our life model Gerald at University. Looking at the againg process of the skin and how time effects the body. I find it interesting how age is a feared subject to talk about; how many different products are expensively produced each year to help improve the appearance of our skin, when I feel age comes with the beauty of time and should be looked upon in a more positive view. I really like the lighting in these photographs and would like to produce more photographs on the same subject so will keep you posted.

For the Love of Alice

This series of photographs was inspired by the many versions of Alice in Wonderland. Although I like these images I feel I may have over touched them slightly with Photoshop? I wanted the viewers to imagine Wonderland as a dark, sketchy place they have fallen down and feel the uncomfortable. Looking at these shows me how fun photography can be, how having friends as working artists can really make you appreciate each other that extra bit more just by being there.


This series taken from last year looks at the femininity of form, shape, light and texture of the photograph let alone the image. I was hoping to get some comments as I exhibited a few of these photographs but did not get enough comments/feedback to help me to decide what to do next. This amazing woman in the series is Miss Laura Trinder, a very dear and talented friend of mine, she can be found at please check her out.